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Photos and Videos

This page offers links to photo galleries and videos uploaded by the USMMA AAF, Parent’s Association, USMMA Athletics, the Academy, Midshipmen and additional organizations.

Photo Galleries
USMMA AAF – Facebook Photos
USMMA Midshipman Picasa Page
USMMA Photo Page
USMMA Sports Facebook Photos
USMMA AAF – This Week at USMMA (Link updated in news rotator)
USMMA Alumni Instagram
@USMMA_Alumni Twitter Photos and Videos
@USMMA_Athletics Twitter Photos and Videos

Video Galleries
USMMA AAF – You Tube Videos
USMMA Indoc 2011-Class of 2015-Alex
USMMA Acceptance Weekend Class of 2015 Alex
USMMA Alex's Journey Class of 2015
US Merchant Marine Academy-Recruitment Video
United States Merchant Marine Academy-Aerial View
Trans-Atlantic GoPro Style
Time Lapse Panama Canal
GoPro:USMMA Sea Year MSC by MN McGowan
USMMA Lunch Muster by MN Martinovic
Gangnam Style – US Merchant Marine Academy

Photo Album
Past and current photos of our Colorado Midshipmen
Under Construction

Photo Upload Site
Rocky Mountain Parents Association Members can join and upload their pictures to our:
Shutterfly site