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Plebes (4th Class)

Candidates: those applying to the USMMA for acceptance
Plebe Candidates: Those who show up for INDOC on the last week of June and then start classes
Plebe: On Acceptance Day Weekend in August the Plebe Candidates take the Honor Code Oath and are sworn into the U.S. Naval Reserve.
This is Acceptance Day and they are now PLEBES.
As a Plebe you make one decision: Engine or Deck

TWIC Card-Apply now!

To educate, teach, instruct, mentor, prepare, guide, train.
The initial preparation of candidates during training is referred to as indoctrination.

Class of 2021 Logging In Instructions
Midshipmen (3rd, 2nd, and 1st Class)
*NEW!-Tips for Sea Year

In the 3rd Trimester of the Plebe Year the Class becomes Recognized as Midshipmen when the 1st Class determines they are ready.
During the 3rd Class Year the midshipmen go on their first 4-month period of the Sea Year. The two splits do not meet again until their 1st Class Year: Split B goes from July through October Split A goes From November through February.
During the 2nd Class Year the midshipmen go on their second 8-month period of the Sea Year. Split B goes from June through October and Split A goes from November through June.
During the 1st Class year the midshipmen have 3-trimesters of classes, finishing up with Coast Guard exams for the 3rd Mate or 3rd Assistant Engineer License.

A Look at the Four Years Calendar

The USMMA Alumni Association and Foundation with news on the academy and the alumni.

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